DC Comics Mural Day 20


Well, you know what He says, “Better the end of a thing, than the beginning.”  TWENTY days…not bad for a rusty painter like my self.  It generally takes about 15 hours per mural.  So I think I deserve a pat on the back.  As I said before, the outlining process is faster than the other 2 phases, but you really have to be careful because every mark you make is PERMANENT!  So there really isn’t any room for error.  You definitely need a sturdy hand and a knowledge of EXACTLY what it is you want to do or you can really screw up, BIG TIME! LoL.  Each phase definitely has its pros & cons.  I decided not to outline the energy on Icon’s fist in order to give it a nice little 3D effect and I barely outlined Green Lantern to give him a slightly more Realest effect.  Well, all that’s left now is to protect/preserve my work by covering it with Medium & Varnish, which should take about 30 minutes tops, and I’m officially done, but I have to let them dry for about a week first.  I may or may not post on that as there literally is nothing to see, but I may take a few last high-res photos with my kids before parting ways.  LoL  Whatever I decide…you can find it right here, at The JPSKILLZ Studio!  Thanks for watching and stay tuned!

DC Comics Mural Day 19

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