Remember the husband who wanted an anniversary gift for his wife?  You know, the pencil drawing I did of his 3 kids?  Yeah that one!  Well, he’s back!  LoL  We are actually pretty good friends, so it’s always great to work with him.  This time he wanted to create a gift for a lady at his church.  Both her parents passed away within the last 7 months.  So as you can imagine, she’s probably having a tough time.  These are definitely the projects that I love, because it’s not about the money for me.  No.  It’s about using my gift to bring LIFE!  This is the rock that JPSKILLZ is built upon.  Once again he gave me full creative control, because he, “Trusts my artistic ability.”  The only stipulation was that he wanted it to be based off of 2 Corinthians 5:8.  I decided that the best way to tell this story was from the beginning, because it’s definitely not the end.  Just read 2 Corinthians 5…you’ll see.  I decided to do an 18×24 portrait with pencil & pastels.  I also decided to just use “2 Corinthians 5” for 2 reasons: 1. The Holy Spirit lead me to.  2.  It actually gave better balance to the composition.  But aside from all of that boring stuff, this is what came of my labor!  I was quite pleased, but more importantly so was he…and hopefully…she will be too.