This was a small, quick, but enjoyable project!  Sketching is my favorite thing to do and all this Educational Superheroine (That’s what I call teachers, THEY’RE THE GR8TEST!) wanted was basically stick figures or as she put it, “Anything you come up with will be fine.”  Well, ya’ll know me!  LOL  So this was the final outcome.  She wanted a poster on “ENERGY” for her classroom and the only example I had to go from was the artwork of a 6th grader sprawled across the artistic confines of a cheap spiral notebook.  But no matter!  I quickly put on my cape and called upon a few super friends!  Who better to teach about energy than one of the most explosively energetic teams of all time!?  That’s right, the JUSTICE LEAGUE!  Now of course I had to put my own personal spin on it as it is an inner city school.  I showed up to her class to deliver the poster myself and the students went nuts!  LOL  That was all the payment I needed 😉