This is the first and only of it’s kind!  And I couldn’t be more proud of what AHMA (The Holy Spirit) produced through these hands of mine!  Normally an image differs slightly from what I envision, but this one came out EXACTLY as I’d seen it!  And it took on a LIFE of its on!  My inspiration for her was Felicia Rashaad.  Her ability to smile without smiling and stare without staring while staring through to the depths of your soul… that’s what I wanted her eyes to portray and they do just that.  The gold outer trimmings ended up giving it a 90s Martin intro art feel.  So it has that Pan African feel as well.  All while maintaining the Set Apartness of Israelite RIGHTEOUSNESS!  I’m in love with this one and she was hard to let go, but she couldn’t be in better hands 🙂 And for that I’m truly grateful.  S H A L A W A M