My client was so satisfied by the first Daughter of Zion painting that she commissioned another!  This one was inspired by an impressionist painting that she saw of a woman in Paris.  She wanted her woman to be an Israelite, completely enthralled in the holy scriptures, at sunset, in front of the Eiffel.  I immediately was inspired to do something of a similar style.  I have always penciled the image first before painting.  This would be the first time that I only used paint for everything.  I must admit, I was nervous, but I knew it was necessary in order to pull off the free flowing, feminine, impressionistic feel that I was going for.  I teetered between giving her a face and not, but ultimately decided to give, as to really drive home the focal point which serves as an excellent contrast against the minor details of the people surrounding her.  I purposely made them translucent and white in order to convey a since of carefreeness.  Representing how the world keeps moving but it simply fades away as one partakes in the richness of the holy scriptures.  The white also represents how society has been manipulated… but I digress.  I discovered new heights with this one as I had moments of doubt & then the joy of overcoming them.  This one definitely holds a special place in my heart.