It truly PAYS to be a good student.  Recently I was sitting at The Red Bicycle cafe in Germantown drawing, as I tend to do on Sundays, when my old high school, social studies teacher passed by.  We got reacquainted and he commissioned me to do a mural at one of his properties.  But wait, it gets better!  He wants 3 murals featuring 2 DC Comics characters!  Icon & Green Lantern!  Needless to say I happily accepted his proposal and I’m SUPER EXCITED!  Stay tuned to The JPSKILLZ Studio to follow this amazing story!  

UPDATE: I’m now finished and everything came out SUPER!  I truly out did myself on these murals and I couldn’t be more satisfied which is rare for any artist!  LoL  Thank you to my client for giving me this amazing challenge and thank you for sticking with me every step of the way!  The final photos are now included at the end of the above slide and on my Facebook account.  Cheers.