Draw is a play on words. While drawing is the main Creative Gift that I have been given to Create in this world, not everyone shares the same talents. This is what Draw is truly about. Discovering what your Creative Gift is and then Cultivating that Gift. There is so much talent locked within the minds of our Youth which goes undiscovered mainly because of the limits of our Cultures, Environments & Classrooms (CEC). A huge reason new initiatives like PBL (Project Based Learning), TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design), who aims to take the classroom global, & ICIT (Inspiring Creative Innovative Thinkers) have gained popularity is do to the freedom they  present; especially outside of the classroom. I am a strong believer that the more things we are exposed to at a young age the greater the possibility of discovering Innovative & exciting Creative Outlets within ourselves becomes. Sometimes you don’t know you’re capable of something until you are introduced to it. By introducing students to a new way of Thinking through teaching, opportunity, special guests, & real world experiences we will essentially be able to introduce them to themselves. From this they will be able to gain their own Unique Perspective which is critical to their Success. Thereby attacking one of, if not the biggest problem within our Youth today… their Identity. Once you are able to Identify with your Gift it Creates a sense of Purpose. This is extremely important because, “Where Purpose isn’t known, Abuse is Inevitable!” So essentially we are DRAWing them away from what they’ve known, DRAWing out who they truly are and allowing them to DRAW their future!