Two days before Christmas I ran into an old friend of mine, Courtney Hale, in the Mall at Opry Mills while doing some final Christmas shopping.  We exchanged pleasantries leading him to tell me about a new blog that he was starting called “My Beamer Has Gas In It.”  Aimed at Millennials, it’s a metaphor for having nice things, but having them out of excess rather than deficiency.  “SUBSTANTIATED SWAG,” is the term he coined.  He wanted something to symbolize this in an abstract way.  He had already written 3 posts and only lacked a Header!  Well, obviously this is where I come in.  LoL  But here’s the catch…HE NEEDED IT BY THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!  Yeah!  Right!  He had compiled this amazing series called “The 12 Days After Christmas.”  Obviously it doesn’t work if it doesn’t begin after Christmas so I had to get to work.  The beautiful thing and what I love the most about Creativity is that it can come from ANYTHING!  I was looking out my window, dejected after hours of rough drafts, and my neighborhoods street sign caught my eye.  It was perfect!  A Nice, Modern, Expensive, Millennial neighborhood.  The perfect image.  He decided to go with the Black & White image, which we both agreed made the logo the focal point.  Long story short, I met the deadline, but as I told him, “I only take on projects I believe in.”


My Beamer Has Gas In It