ANOTHER GIFT!  Commissioned for PAWARYAM (Purim) by a wife for her husband… her “Love.”  She said she wanted something that would metaphorically portray how she sees him as a pillar of strength, a shelter from the storm if you will.  She knew she wanted an ark, in 3 pieces, on a see of various shades of dramatic blues, and that she wanted the ark to have gold trim to represent how he is untouched by it all, but she wasn’t exactly sure of how she ultimately wanted it portrayed.  Between you and me… I WASN’T EITHER!  😆 But as always I waited for inspiration and She showed up!  This piece was inspired by ancient Japanese art which is a huge part of the foundation of comics today!  The 2D feel and rigid contours are a distinguishable staple.  I wanted it to tell a story… take you on a journey.  Each panel can stand alone but is the greater part of a whole.  A crescendo to the amazing sunset at the end!  I’m really proud of this piece.  Although it’s simply stated there’s nothing simple about it.  Just like her husband whose name is AHWAR which means LIGHT! 😉 S H A L A W A M