So an old friend of mine contacted me via LinkedIn with an idea for a logo for his new business, but with not much more than that, “Here’s a pic of what I’m thinking.  I love the skillet but I’m wanting 2 s’s in the middle of the skillet the are kind of overlapping.” In fact you see the photo that he emailed me.  LoL  As ya’ll know by now, the more freedom the better!  He wanted me to put my special touch on it, “giving you free range to be as original as you want. I just want it inside the skillet😂😂!!”  Well, after much drafting, here’s what my hands spit out: The idea was to keep it SIMPLE (Pun intended) and have the words and lettering appear almost like noodles or food.  His favorite meal to make is Lasagna so I pulled from that inspiration.  I also had to impress his business partner and well, let’s just say that all 3 of us were in agreement 😊 S H A L A W A M