Style is Defined as a particular Kind, Sort, or Type, as with reference to Form, Appearance, or Character.  We all have Style.  Whether it be on Purpose or not, but few have Personal Style!  It is Personal Style that will set your Character apart from the rest in the Story of Life!  Unfortunately, not everyone has the Knowledge to Define their own Style.  Enter, stage left, JPSKILLZ.  Fashion is more than just the clothes you wear.  It is a Reflection of the Life you Live.  By allowing  JPSKILLZ to Style, Design or Consult your wardrobe, you will be sure to discover your Personal Style.

JPSKILLZ offers the following services:

  • Personal Stylist
  • Wardrobe Consultation
  • Clothing Design
  • Personal Shopper

* All services are also available for photo shoots, videos & movies. *